7 Steps Seniors Should Take for Healthier and Happier Aging

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Recently a gentleman named Jason Lewis, the primary caretaker for his mother and a personal trainer specializing in helping the senior population, emailed us asking to write an article for the our website that could appeal to seniors. The content of the following article is based on his own hands-on experience as well as research that he’s carried out on the topic and includes tips on improving senior wellness.

I can personally guarantee you that it is full of beneficial tips for those of you that are in your senior years, are nearing them, are the caregivers of or know of somebody of an older age.

Hope you all enjoy!

7 steps

Being older does not have to mean being less in control of your health and happiness; there are many simple choices you can make to improve your life quality. From eating healthier to avoiding health issues, here are a few healthy aging tips every senior should know.

Prevent Falls and Injuries

You may expect an article on senior health to focus on illness. However, falls are the leading cause of death and serious injury for older adults. Falls send so many seniors to the emergency room each year, and most of those falls (up to 60 percent) happen in the “safety” of their own homes. So, how can you prevent falls at home? Start by keeping your home well-lit and make improvements that provide more stability and security, like handrails and slip-resistant flooring.

See More of the World

A more adventurous step you can take to improve your health is to travel more during

retirement. In addition to providing ample physical activity and stress relief, travel is also a great way to stay connected to other people. Of course, it’s also important for seniors to take the proper steps to stay safe when they travel, such as keeping medications close by and wearing clothing that will keep them comfortable.

Try Yoga and Meditation

Need another way to improve your physical health and reduce stress? Yoga and meditation can help seniors manage their well-being too. A daily mindful practice can bring positive benefits for senior mental health. Practicing those poses is also a great way to boost your balance, which can prevent those dangerous falls mentioned above.

Adopt a New Pet

Seniors who feel lonely should consider getting a pet. Caring for a cat or dog can provide aging adults with a sense of purpose and help reduce feelings of depression. Before you adopt, however, make sure you find the right pet to fit your lifestyle. If you want to be more active, for example, you may want to get a dog you can take on walks, which will help improve your physical health as well. If you’re a homebody, a cat might be more your speed.

Grow an Edible Garden

If you have a green thumb, studies suggest that you may live longer. Gardening provides

healing that older adults can especially benefit from. When you tend to plants, you are

releasing tension and improving your mood. As you work with your hands and move about, you are also getting more exercise. Grow more dark-colored fruits and vegetables, such as spinach and strawberries, that provide the best nutrition for older adults looking to improve their health.

Eat for a Healthy Brain

Adding more dark fruits and veggies to your plate can provide a definite health boost. However, the foods you eat can also help preserve your brain. For better memory and cognitive function, you should aim to include fish that are full of healthy fats, as well as plenty of seeds, nuts, and berries. Need a quick way to get your veggies and healthy fats? Try blending some berries, nuts, and spinach together for a refreshing smoothie.

Exercise for a Healthy Heart

Maintaining a healthy brain is crucial for seniors. However, you need a healthy heart to keep your brain, and the rest of your body, working properly. Exercise is the best way for seniors to maintain cardiac health, so aim to get a regular dose of youth-preserving activity. You only need around 30 minutes of exercise each day to make a difference, so take your new dog for a walk, schedule a bicycle tour on your next trip, or get out and work in your new garden.

If you are a senior, improving your quality of life does not have to be complicated. You just need to focus on lifestyle choices that make the most of your physical health while finding time for the activities that make you happy. Find ways to blend health and happiness together and you may just unlock the secret to making your senior years the best years of your life.